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Connie, Art Director

with 4imprint
33 years

Creative Department

Our Art Team is another powerful reason why 4imprint is right for you.

About Our Art Department

4imprint's art team might just be the largest in the industry and in this case we do think bigger is better! Our creative team has hundreds of years of combined experience in nearly every facet of graphic design. And it's that creativity and experience that they put to work every time you order.

Below you will see examples of our work. Nearly everything you see is available to you at no charge if it's required to produce your order (with the possible exception of flying to your site for a photo shoot!). If you need creative assistance unrelated to your order, contact us at 1-877-446-7746 and ask to speak with our Art Director, Connie.

Logo Design

Need a logo? We can help. If you're just starting out, or simply tired of seeing your company name in the same old "straight line type", we can create a logo that captures the essence of your brand.

Bootcamp Logo
Global Financial Logo
Dizzy Lizard Logo
JC Logo
KBN Logo
Recherche Spa Logo
CornerStone Logo
Splats Logo
WildWind Logo
Northshore Hospital Logo

Logo Makeovers

Does your logo need a makeover? We can give an old design new life without throwing away the equity you've built in the original design.

Majestic Suites Logo
Pathfinder Logo
Amani Logo
Goodmann Logo
Firefly Logo
Learning Lab Logo
Lenne Logo
River City Logo


Our team can turn any sketch, idea or even photograph into a professional grade illustration perfect for imprinting.

Model Car Photo
A drawing created from a photograph for the production of a model car.
Flying Man Recreation
A somewhat blurry photograph was recreated to provide a crisp screen print on a t-shirt.
Surf Black and White Image
A full-colour image was converted to an eye-catching one-colour version.
Champions Trophy
Here we were able to recreate the shiny look of the trophy, but in a format that is imprintable.
Portrait Recreation
This photograph became a one-colour piece. Now the unique artwork can be printed on a variety of products.


Our team also has experience designing packaging and products to support your marketing efforts. Let us know how we can help.

PlayPak Bag
A day care center needed a design that appealed to both kids & parents, making sure their bag (and their logo) never gets left behind.
Bearcats T-Shirt
Here a team’s “throwback” colours, as well as a worn look, were used on a ringer style T-shirt to give the item a retro feel for a special event.
River City Package
River City Rubberworks needed packaging to announce their new look. This box & products inside show their commitment to quality will never change!
TKO Hats
Hats designed for TKO sports. Different colours, materials and techniques were used to create a hat as unique as the person wearing it.
This design captures the “something for everyone” message that the customer was looking for while using only two colours to keep the cost down.
VW Bank
Custom banks were produced from this design. What a great way to “drive home” their message to their customers!

Photo Modifications

Whether we start with your pics or photos from our in-house digital studio, we can create images that stop people in their tracks.

Global Financial Photo Merge
Several images/files were combined to create a professional business card magnet.
CED Suitcase Alterations
Original stickers on the suitcase were removed and replaced with a worn version of the customer’s logo. The background was also changed so the suitcase would stand out.
Trail Photo Collage
A collage was created by overlapping and blending several images. The texture and depth gives the true feeling of the trail.
Flower Garden Business Card
A simple, yet elegant design was created from a few files to fit the company culture for The Flower Garden.


We do all of the photography for our catalogues and website in-house in our own studio. That way you can really see the products you’re considering with high resolution images that allow you to zoom in and take a close look!

Wine Business Gifts
Bags on Rocks
3 Models Holding Bags
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